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Our company is located in the middle of the Montseny Natural Park, a Biosphere Reserve. This allows us to produce our beverages with good quality water. Water is the main element of vegetable drinks, so this privileged location is key to obtain the characteristic flavour of our drinks.

However you like! Our drinks can be drank at any time of the day, hot or cold, on their own or with your meals, you can even use them in your recipes. Find out more in our recipes section.

Oh! A little trick to enjoy your drink even more: shake it well by following these steps: open the bottle and remove the safety cap to let air in, close the bottle again, shake it vigorously and enjoy!

No. All our products are naturally lactose and casein (milk protein) free. All are free of animal ingredients, so they are perfectly suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet: they do not contain any derivatives or traces of milk or any other animal products.

At Almendrola we are very demanding with the quality of the products we use to make our vegetable drinks and we work with a very strict allergen control plan, complying with the requirements of the IFS and BRC regulations.

From the outset, we make sure that the grain we use for the elaboration of our beverages meets our quality requirements: we want a non-transgenic grain, without pesticides and that meets all the requirements previously established with the supplier.

In order to avoid possible cross-contamination in the plant, we systematically carry out exhaustive cleaning between productions containing different allergens. After each cleaning, checks are made to verify the absence of allergens with specific detection kits. Before the carton leaves our facilities, a series of quality controls are carried out to ensure that the product hits the shelves in perfect condition. One of these controls is the control of allergens, which are carried out periodically in an accredited laboratory for this type of analysis.

It is important to note that it is not possible to guarantee 100% absence of allergens as the most advanced detection techniques do not detect traces at very low levels. We indicate the detectable levels of allergens through the most sensitive existing techniques:

-in almond-free products, if contamination were present, the presence would be less than 0.5mg/kg

None of our beverages contain gluten, except Almendrola Almond and Oat Drink. It is indicated on the carton with the crossed grain symbol. It is an international symbol that recognises gluten-free products and guarantees that the company that uses it in its labelling is complying with current regulations.

However, if we are talking about allergies or intolerances, we always recommend talking to your nutritionist or GP: they are the health specialists and will know what is best in each case.

Some of our drinks contain salt to add flavour, but the amounts are always very low.

We recommend that once the carton is opened, it should be kept in the fridge for 3/4 days. This does not mean that after 3/4 days our product cannot be consumed or is bad, but it may lose some organoleptic quality, i.e. some change in taste, smell, colour or texture.

We encourage you to use your senses and thus avoid throwing away the product if it is still in good condition.

According to the EU Regulation, best-before date labelling is a quality indicator.

It means that the organoleptic properties -flavour, texture, smell and colour- and nutritional properties are not guaranteed after the indicated date, but consuming the product after this date will not affect our health. That is why we encourage you to use your senses to decide whether it is still fit for consumption.

  • Look
  • Smell
  • Taste

Of course. At Almendrola we do not use any ingredients of animal origin, so all our products are 100% vegetable and 100% suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

We are environmentally friendly and work to reduce our impact. Our FSC-certified packaging protects the forests and the animals that live in them. In addition, our packs are recyclable and 83% of vegetable origin.

Thanks to our environmental policies we have managed to reduce our CO2 emissions by 15% (Carbon Trust certified).

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