How we do it

Almond lovers

At Almendrola we only select the highest quality almonds, because only the best almonds guarantee that we can offer you the best flavour, as we have been doing since 1964.

Tradition and Quality

Once the almonds are harvested, they have to be dried. At Almendrola, we use the natural drying technique: it is a sun-drying technique that takes between two and three days. We are faithful to this procedure because it is the one that damages the qualities of the product the least.

Respectful process

We grind the almonds with water from Montseny in order to extract all their sensory nutritional properties: flavour, aroma, body and texture. Then we put the drink through a UHT treatment to guarantee its food safety and finally we pack it in our recyclable cartons. To bring all the flavour and natural properties of almonds to your home.

Curious facts about almonds

Carbohydrates give us energy to get the most out of our day.

They contain amino acids and fatty acids.

Some of the nutrients offered by almonds help stimulate neuronal activity and promote optimal functioning.

Thanks to antioxidants such as vitamin E, quercetin, manganese and zinc.

The best time to plant almond trees is from January to June

It seems that almond trees come from the mountainous areas of Central Asia before spreading throughout most of the world

There are several techniques for harvesting almonds, ranging from shaking to inverted umbrellas.